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you are here : downloads   Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Free Games and Downloads from ChessbaseUSA and The Week In Chess

TWIC Theory
A58 Benko Gambit Main Line - Latest Trends in post-Topalov period by GM Alex Finkel
Slav Defence (D15) Main Line - A White’s Repertory with 5.e3 by Efstratios Grivas
Sicilian Dragon by IM Andrew Martin
Miniatures from Worlds Best Wins in 25 moves or less by +2700 ELO players
Anand wins Victories of World Champion Vishy Anand
All games of London Chess Classic players (separate databases):
Magnus Carlsen Vladimir Kramnik Ni Hua David Howell Michael Adams Nigel Short Luke McShane Hikaru Nakamura
Weird & Wonderful Games with unorthodox (A00) openings by +2000 elo players
USA Greats (separate databases):
(wins only)
Kamsky Seirawan Akobian Benjamin Christiansen Onischuk Susan Polgar

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